Filtered water is more at home than ever before.

Water Fall by KOR lets you leave the filter behind in the kitchen or wherever else you set it up. Its design gives you drinking water without impurities — in carafes without filters.

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Many carafes. Just one filter.

More than a filter and a vessel, Water Fall is a filtration system for your home. By adding a stand, the carafe and filter can separate, allowing you to fill multiple carafes with pure, great-tasting water. Now you can take your water from room to room while the filter stays put.

Naturally better.

Water Fall uses coconut shells filters to purify your water, just like KOR water bottles have for years. They are natural and sustainable. And, better yet, they yield the best-tasting water you’ll ever drink. The carafes are made of glass — which keeps water fresh and looks great throughout your home.

Simply elegant. And elegantly simple.

KOR is obsessed with design. Water Fall, like each of our products, is both functional and beautiful. Taking a little inspiration from the pour-over coffee process, Water Fall delivers an intuitively easy way to filter water. Then, we took things a bit further and made sure it would look elegant from countertop to dining room table.

kor water in the press

Empty frequently. Live fully.

Celebrating water is the reason we exist — you could say it’s our KOR. Every one of our products elegantly harnesses the goodness of water, so you can unleash it whenever you need to fuel your mind and body — which is your core. So, fill one up, empty, and repeat. And live your best life.

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