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Payoff Pilot by DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. is a simple online tool that helps you navigate your way out of credit card debt. No phone calls. Just you and your customized path back to financial freedom.

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Payoff Pilot online debt management tool

Chart Your Path to Credit Card Debt Reduction

We know that not all debt is the same. There are countless reasons why we struggle to meet our financial goals, but with a little planning, we can rise above these challenges. Payoff Pilot puts you on course for financial freedom with a practical, customized payoff plan tailored to your unique conditions.

Build Your Own Debt Management Plan

Payoff Pilot helps you rise above credit card debt on your own. All you have to do is walk through these simple steps, and Payoff Pilot will determine the best option for you. If you join our Debt Management Program, you will receive the benefits of lower interest rates and monthly payments, one monthly payment, and the ability to become debt-free in 3-5 years!

Get Your Free Credit Report & Score

Your Credit Score Is
579 & Below Poor
640-679 Average
750 & Above Excellent

This is considered: Needs Improvement

Your journey starts by gathering some information to obtain your free credit report. Just answer a few quick questions about your financial situation, and Payoff Pilot will reveal your credit score. Our secure network will store all of your information safely and privately.

See All of Your Accounts in One Place

The next step is to review your accounts. You will confirm your interest rates, balances, and payment amounts. Payoff Pilot places all of your secured loans, collections, and credit cards into one place so that you can get a clear picture of your overall debt.

Lender #1 Lender #2 Lender #3 *
Account #
XXXX-4567 XXXX-9875 XXXX-3476 Totals
$13,692 $4,026 $2,808 $13,692
25.99% 25.99% 23.23% 25.59%
Current Payment
$335.00 $175.00 $106.00 $616.00
Interest & Fees
$297.00 $87.00 $54.00 $438.00
Principle Amount
$38.00 $88.00 $52.00 $178.00

Review Multiple Payoff Plans

Once your accounts are in place, Payoff Pilot breaks down multiple payoff plans to help you regain control of your financial future. Discover which plan offers the lowest payment or the quickest payoff time. You are free to choose whichever plan works best for you and your lifestyle.

On My Own
$255 to principle $438 to interest & fees $693 per month
20+ Years
$49,392 Total Cost
$400 to principle $466 to interest & fees $866 per month
20+ Years
$49,392 Total Cost
Savings $10,288
With Debt Management Plan
$430 to principle $180 to interest & fees $610 per month
20+ Years
$49,392 Total Cost
Savings $13,402

Create a Budget

Before deciding which plan is best for you, you will need to create a budget. Payoff Pilot will analyze your income, expenses, and assets to help you understand how you can reach your financial goals. If you ever feel lost, we have trusty co-pilots on standby ready to take your call.

Select a Category
Utilities Insurance
Utilities Utilities Utilities Insurance
Select a Category
Car Electric
Electricity Water Internet Car
$75.00 $60.00 $45.00 $145.00
SDG&E San Diego Water At&T Farmers Insurance
* * * *

Enroll In a Customized Debt Management Program

Finally, Payoff Pilot will navigate you to a debt management program that is customized to your unique conditions. Each program provides an analysis of your debt, your savings, and your benefits. Easy as that!

Savings Analysis

Total Debt Monthly Payment Average APR Monthly Interest Payment Monthly Principle Yearly Interest Duration of Payments Total Cost
On My Own
$10,500.00 $480.00 19.99% $320.00 $160.00 $3,840.00 17 yrs 0 months $16,688.50
$10,500.00 $310.00 9.99% $110.00 $190.00 $1,320.00 5 yrs 0 months $10,858.00
N/A $170.00 10.00% $200.00 N/A $2,520.00 11 yrs 11 months $5,830.50

Avoid the Turbulence of Debt

Create Your Course Of Action

Forget About Layovers With Credit Counselors

Let’s be real. Who wants to explain their financial state to a stranger? We built Payoff Pilot not just to help people get out of credit card debt, but to help you avoid awkward conversations with credit counselors as well. In fact, we do a lot of things differently, and they’re all rooted in our company values. Check them out below.

Payoff Pilot user privacy and confidentiality


We think traditional debt management services are out of touch with the modern world. Payoff Pilot is designed specifically for the web to make financial freedom more accessible than ever.


We understand the stigma of debt. Our wish is to help people without being authoritative or impersonal. That’s why our customers never have to explain themselves to a credit counselor.


Yeah, debt is a serious matter, but it doesn’t have to be suffocating. Payoff Pilot was designed to empower and inspire people to take a deep breath and regain control of their financial future.


Nothing is more gratifying than liberating yourself from debt and progressing through life. Convenience, privacy, trust, and transparency are built into Payoff Pilot to help our customers prosper.

Set Your Destination to Debt-Free

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