The Power of Pico Genesis

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What Is
Pico Genesis?


Introducing Pico Genesis , a non-thermal, 2-in-1 laser procedure that's quick, convenient, and results in brighter, more uniform skin tone and reflection. This revolutionary procedure delivers a shockwave effect that not only selectively shatters pigement, but also causes disruption and remodeling to skin.

So what else can patients expect from Pico Genesis
  • Optimal results in as few as 2 treatments
  • Non-painful treatments that require no downtime
  • Sessions that last 20 minutes from start to finish
cutera pico genesis machine

Am I a Candidate?


Because Pico Genesis is effective on all skin types, virtually everyone can benefit from the procedure.

Reasons you may seek treatment include:
  • Sun/Age Spots
  • Pigmentary Concerns
  • Brighten Complexion
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Return Skin To Its Youthful State
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How Treatments Work


PICO Genesis shatters conventional skincare wisdom by being quick and convenient. Treatments are non-painful, last only 20 minutes, and require no downtime.

Benefits Of
Picosecond Pulses

  1. 1

    Ultra-short Pulses Leave Skin Looking Beautiful Rather Than Irritated

  2. 2

    Virtually No Downtime With Dramatic Results In As Few As Two Treatments

  3. 3

    From The Trusted Company That Brought You Laser Genesis

  4. 4

    Utilizes Enhance Pico + Nano Technology